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Leap of Faith

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at a Christian run sports camp in Egypt. It was truly an amazing experience. In this blog post, I want to share a story you might find meaningful.

One of the things we got to do this year at the camp was to work the rock wall, zip line and high ropes courses. Now, before I go on, let me just say that I have a little bit of a fear of falling. Most people might call it a fear of heights, but truly it’s more about falling than it is about the height itself. I can be 10 feet up on something with no railing and not tied in and be scared to death. Much higher than that and tied in, I’m generally okay. That said, the first time climbing a rock wall, or doing the zip line, or standing around on a high ropes course 40-50 feet up in the air is a little nerve-wracking, and for me this was actually the first time doing any of that.

Once we got through our training, it was then our job to work on one of the sections when the kids were doing the course. We made sure the kids had their harnesses and helmets on properly. We belayed them on the rock wall, or getting on and off the high ropes. We got them on and off the zip line, and helped them around the high ropes course.

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During the week it was so interesting to see the various reactions and behaviour of the kids. Some seemed to have no fear at all – going through each obstacle and challenge with determination and uncanny ease. Others would get to a point and be completely scared. To grab another hold on the rock wall, or to take another step around the high ropes course, or to take that leap off the tower on the zip line seemed beyond what they felt they could do. Beyond their strength, beyond their confidence, beyond their faith. In those moments we’d step in and encourage them, telling them how much we believed in them and that they could do this. Telling them how proud of them we were. Telling them that we loved them. And when they couldn’t quite do it on their own, we’d be the helping hand they needed to go a little further. If we were belaying the rock wall, well sometimes we’d pull them up another foot to the next hold. If we were working up on the high ropes, we’d hold their hand and walk with them around the course. And if we were working at the zip line we’d take that leap with them. (more…)


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Welcome to my new blog. I’m sure the first question you’re asking yourself is what’s this blog going to be about? Well, as the tagline says, it’s my meditations about faith and life. So, you’ll see my thoughts on faith and religion. You’ll also see my thoughts about anything else in life that may catch my fancy, especially where it intersects with faith and religion. That could be running, cycling and other sports that are a big part of my life, the arts, social issues, politics, etc.

I hope that you’ll find my postings to be thought-provoking and meaningful. On posts where comments are open, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think, just remember to be respectful of me and of any other people out there.

– John

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