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Remembering Ike

Just over a year ago, on Sep 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike hit the Houston, Texas, area. For those of us who were affected by it, it’s something we will certainly never forget. And while it’s easy to look back and see what we may have done wrong in preparing for the storm and to point fingers at others, and to blame the government, the power companies, and insurance companies for the response afterwards, that’s not what I want to address at all here. I want to take a moment and think about the deeper meaning of Ike and what it reminds us of. (more…)


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Back in February of 2008 I ran the Austin Marathon, my fourth marathon in a five month period. Now every race has its ups and downs, but this one ended up being more of a roller coaster ride than normal, and I’m not just talking about the terrain in Austin, Texas.

As the race started I was feeling pretty good. Over the first few miles I ran well, felt great, and was slightly ahead of my planned pace as the race re-entered downtown after spending the first few miles south of the Colorado River. As we weaved through downtown before heading off to the northwest portions of the city, a little over 6 miles in, it happened. My left knee buckled underneath me. Fortunately I didn’t fall, but this was not good. In pain, and unable to run on my knee and 20 miles left? I walked for a little bit, maybe fifty yards or so, then tried carefully to run again. Two or three strides and it buckled again. Now I was really worried. I seriously thought for the first time in my life about dropping out of a race – getting the dreaded DNF. As I continued walking, with that nagging pain in my knee, I started doing a lot of talking to God. Praying for healing, praying for the strength to go on, or even just the will to forget the pain for the moment. Anything. (more…)

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